This is a new Steak House that has opened up which is also a Restaurant! It is the Suede Official restaurant set on Leeds Road in Bradford which currently looks like Las Vegas strip which doesnt sleep due to the sheer amount of venues where you can eat food in. We had a chance to visit this place which has been opened for a few weeks and were able to try a number of dishes which can be found on our instagram.  On our highlights we have included Story dedicated to Suede. We had the chance to sit down with the owners and were able to look around the Venue.  So lets check The Suede Official”

  • Parking is one of the main issues at this venue as it is very limited so it wont matter if you book in advance or not. So we would advise to come in good time so you can have a look to see where you can squeeze your car in! (Down) (They do have space for 10 to 12 cars so make sure your early!)
  • Venue; The Suede Official; the venue it self is very classy and very elegantly laid out from even the smooth music playing in the background. (Up)
  • Facilities; the place is new from inside and probably something they not thought about was a place to pray Salah. (Down)
  • Plates, to the sanitised knifes and forks was a very touch in the venue which we had not seen before since we still have Covid fears they had thought about this. (Up)
  • Food; quality was high class from the steaks, gourment burgers to even the slider burgers and fries; they really had made sure the quality is superior considering the place is also finished at.
  • Cost; a little on the high side but its the quality of food your paying for (Down and Up)
  • Staff; young and friendly staff; they make an effort to make sure they are able to assist you as when they can; they are still learning but that will come with time. (Up)

Overall it is an Up here as its a place if you like quality meats than this is place to try but remember to check regarding parking though. You can message us directly for any questions. This is the official Suede Restaurant in case any wants to know as many knock offs do appear now and again.