Should I Delay My Ghusl After the End of Menstruation?

According to all the schools, once menstruation/bleeding stops, the woman must not delay making ghusl such that she misses a prayer. There is no rule that you can’t renew ghusl every 8 hours. A woman may take as many ghusls as she needs in a certain time. Certainly she is obliged to make ghusl if she sees recurring spotting; i.e. she takes a ghusl every time the spotting stops and resumes praying/fasting.

Therefore, every time your spotting ceases, make sure to make ghusl before the prayer time ends such that you will not miss the prayer you are in; if you delay the ghusl such that you miss the prayer, you will have to make up that prayer.

Answered By: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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