Is Red’s True Barbecue [Manchester] Halal or Haram ?

From the email response we got from the company you can see their is contamination and doubt in the food even from the response of the email you can sense!

From: Vikki Little []
Sent: 20 March 2014 12:07
To: Halal or Haram
Subject: Halal option


Hi Halal or Haram,


We do use halal chicken, however it does spend time in our smokers alongside our beef and pork…..


If you would like to go ahead with your booking then do let me know the time and date you’re interested in and I’ll pop that into our diary for you. We do ask that all of our reservations pay a deposit of £5 per person, to be redeemed per guest from your bill.


If there’s anything further you’d like to know please do get in touch,





Vikki Little
Deputy General Manager and Believer…



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