Fireaway is a franchise which started from london and is now in Yorkshire. We had a chance of one weekend on 16/20/2021 to pop over to Roundhay in Leeds Pizza Away. Its a franchise which runs across of the UK. Its meat is Halal and staff are very proffesional. Fireaway gives you something different in terms of Pizza.

For more information on us you can see our media kit.

We have covered a number of limited places across the UK as and when we are invited.


Halal meat and sides and drinks

Very proffesional looking and very clean.

Very nice looking place with an open fire where you can see the Pizza’s being made and also pick the toppings you like.

Open place so gives you a chance to see what your food is like

Reasonable priced food

Food was tasty with just the right amount of topping


Parking is a nightmare so you will need to drive around

No indoor seating so you will need to stand around and eat at home

No praying facilties.

No toilets as well.


Due to location and lack of seating arrangements I would struggle to come but if I lived close by I would order though as the Pizzas are very fresh. Due to lack of some of the facilities like toilets to seating areas we would order if lived close by or were taking food home. They are hoping to a few more branches around Yorkshire so hoping these will have a number of improvements like parking and sitting in facilities.

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