Why pork is bad for you ranges from many different issues mainly with their digestive tract and coupled with the swine (pork) is the earths vacum cleaner why would you eat it? Opinions are like butts everyone has one and no one thinks theirs stink (Everyone believes they are right) but what does TMH GOD of ALL CREATION say? Quite frankly he calls the pig good…. (1 Timothy 4:4Open in Logos Bible Software (if available))Now if we leave things right there you might believe it’s ok to eat an animal that would and does eat it’s own fecies but we will show thats not the case.

Yes once again you have been listening to MAN rather than god but even Prophets told you this Romans 3:4Open in Logos Bible Software (if available). Sadly most of you after reading this indepth article will still strike up the grill and throw some pork on it slap some BBQ sauce on it and say PRAISE the lord not knowing your mind had been seared with an hot iron called sin (1 Timothy 4:2Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)).

What Man Says About Pork

Doesnt it seem odd that even though we read or see something that our very soul is telling us is bad we still find a way to take part in it? Entertainment is to blame for some of this because not only doctors, scientists and bloggers from across the world have explained pork WILL Kill You Man says its the other white meat. Man says you can eat anything as long as you cook it well enough but listen close to what I am telling you.

You “Can” eat anything truthfully but not all things are profitable on this earth to consume because it was never meant as food in the first place. To blacks hispanics and native American indians (Israelites) were forced to eat such abominations because thats all the slave masters gave us. We didnt do it out of want but indeed need and hunger. You have never seen the queen eating out of a garbage can because it’s below her standards.

Biblical Understanding Unclocked on the Dietary Law
The Top 15 Reasons To Avoid Pork
Raw, Uncut Report on the effects

of Pork and how it leads

to health issues.

The pig by very definition is dirty science backs this up with a simple google search it’s the trashcan of the earth. When we say it will eat anything here is the short list. It will eat urine, excrement (Poop), dirt, decaying animal flesh, maggots, or decaying vegetables. They will even eat the cancerous puss that grows on all other animals of the wild.

The swine has no sweat glands to speak of because it was never meant to sweat out toxins like humans and other species on the planet. When TMH created the pug it was for the express purpose of doing it’s job on the planet. Fun fact that pork meat is just about as posionous as it comes and this incudes fully cooked some germs just dont die . Obviously this has been fact checked millions of times but the pig is 30 percent more posionous than chicken or beef. In short god calls it an ABOMINATION for a reason.

It’s worth mentioning again but point blank the pig doesn’t sweat like me and you so yeah thats just nasty. Imagine not taking a bath all your life and not sweating what would your insides look like? When you perspirire (or sweat) you realise the bad so your body can heal.The pig is rotten inside if pig is on your plate everything is defiled.

There is an old saying that goes like this “You Cannot Kill That Which Refuses to Die”. No truer words have been spoken, next to the cockroach there is not a more resilient animal on the planet.The poison in the average pig is so strong that it cannot even be harmed by the most potent poisons including strychnine now that is too strong …. Pork fat also is horrible for complexion and skin products. YES they use pork fat in skin products you use daily check it out.

Did you know that the pig is a ferocious mammal it’s true. Most meat farmers will purposefully release piglet’s and swine into snake dens to devour snakes of all sorts. If you died and someone threw you in a pig pen there would be nothing left but your clothes. No wait the damn abomination would eat that too LOL. Now you might be asking yourself what if the snake is poisonous it’s self surely the pig would die an agonizing death right ……right? WRONG snake poison doesn’t work on pigs.

6. Contrary to popular belief man cannot change what god created we are the clay he is the potter. Things are set in order for a reason. Did you know when a pig gets cut up at the butcher shop worm’s maggots and other parasites come out of the pig? They have to wear protective clothing just to get it into pieces. There is a laundry list of WTF in a pig and here is some of those items. You Got tapeworms, grey flukes, dung worms, and trichinae wait there is even more keep reading. Again there is absolutely no possible way to cook this mess off. Not to mention parasites, their cysts, and eggs from bugs/larvae that have planted their eggs inside of the pig . Again there is absolutely no possible way to cook this mess off

7. As a whole pig meat has almost 5 times the amount of fat than your average T-bone steak. Just 3 OZ of pork meat contains over 20 grams of compound saturated fat this is why we as a nation get colon cancer and other diseases (See Deuteronomy 28:61Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)). There is more listen to this a 4 oz pork spare rib has 22.3 grams of fat beef doesnt come close to those numbers. Clean eating habits are a must now more than ever and we havent even included GMO’s and hormones wow. There are literally no benefits from eating pork.

8. The root breakdown to the work disease is Dis Ease which literally means uncomfort you are not at easy when you do not eat healthy. Above I talked shortly about the dietary law it’s meant to help us be at ease. Pigs carry no less than 35 diseases at any given time that are toxic to humans and especially to us of the 12 tribes. The other nations can digest pork we cannot we are built differently it’s like placing diesel fuel in a car that doesnt use that. We breakdown from the inside out with no relief. The FIRST thing a doctor tells you when you are over weight and got high blood pressure and gout is. Stop eating pork, but why is it you will not listen to the Most High?

9. You cut your life short when you eat pork I know people who scream YOLO all until they start breaking down from the major amounts of posions in their body. It’s all fun and games till the doctor says you got the BIG C. There is no such thing as a clean pork chop or loin or pork steak. You do not have the power to make that meat clean much less “pray over it”. In short eating pork is a sin because it violates Leviticus 11:7Open in Logos Bible Software (if available),46Open in Logos Bible Software (if available). If you continue to eat pork you can explain that to the creator when you get to the white judgement seat (Revelations 20:11-12 & 1 Corinthians 3:16-17Open in Logos Bible Software (if available))

10. If you really want to get down to the meat of the matter you are not supposed to even touch pork carcass parts. We are royalty we are supposed to be doing things high society does (Hell they got it from us anyways) but you were pronounced unclean if you touched a dead body of a pig for a period of time. Water alone could not get the taint of you it took time. Same thing today you have pours and pork fat can seep into your blood stream and wreak havoc.

11. There are many examples of our fore mothers and forefathers refusing to eat pork and they neer backed down. Just go to the book of 2 Maccabees 6:18Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) then read chapter 7. You will find out with the QUICKNESS that we as a nation ate that nasty mutha hubbard we would rather die on the spot. Now I know what you are thinking heh “Christ said I can eat pork” and “It’s not what goes into a man that defiles them”. I know the christianity mind and no Christ NEVER gave you permission to sin against the father.

12. There is a reason why farmers keep the pigs inside of pens, because they will eat anything that moves or stands still. Pigs are an eviormental blight and will hurt farming and any other production that farmers try to do if left out in the open. Did you know the waste from a pigs is used to alleviate growing lagoons how you ask? Workers spray the waste on fields that are growing out of control. This in turn thousands of wide acres into puddles of “crap”. Yes even their crap is destructive this is also why farmers keep it contained. See more on this here. this is a great article on how destructive swine is to the enviorment.

13. Did you know that is most countries pork is banned for health reasons? The USDA usually says what is good and what isnt when it comes to meat (No one asls god) and even China can’t sell the pork chops and fatty pork meat it buys from the USA. They eat all sorts of abominations but they will not allow pork in most cases THAT should tell you something you can read more on that here. Smithfield with a host of other US companies regularly dose the swine with ractopamine, which, like antibiotics, is used to speed growth. In other words GMO’s.

14. Have you ever heard of swine flu? it’s not a myth and you can catch it. If the pig has flu symptoms he will pass it directly to you and there is not a shot in the world a doctor can give you to cure it. Shocking thing is that the CDC allows certain things to go under the rug so to speak and will not openly tell you “Hey world pork is bad”.Most of these high profile companies are paid to keep hush hush.

15. Pigs have harmful Trichinosis worms in them again the doctors and CDC know this but they will not openly tell you there is too much money involved. Why do you think pork is so cheap at the market? The worm parasite is very well known by all but a few and they would love to keep it that way. They spread through the worm like a virus and they are looking for a new host to dig themselves into and 3/4 that is a Israelite. That’s not thw worst of it heh yea yall it gets gruesome the females lay their eggs inside of you and spread like wildfire.


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