How would it work if you give Qurbani through a charity. How would you know when the Qurbani is given and when can you cut nails and hair etc.

Sorry probz a silly question ? Thank you



Charities are a big problem… Please take the time to read my upcoming post….

However in answer to your question, you would have to contact the organisation to find out which day of Eid (1,2 or 3) your qurbani will be done and you can cut your hair and nails on that day.

The trouble is that firstly you probably won’t get a response because many of these organisation don’t fulfil the requirements of qurbani. They should have a record of all the people who have instructed qurbani so they can include this identity in their niyya at time of slaughter, those organisations that don’t do this or don’t even record the relevant details will therefore not be able to give you that information of which day your particular sacrifice will be done. Secondly if you do get response, how legitimate and reliable will that response be in light of the lack of information they have in recording who’s qurbani is being done when!


A very big problem overall because if the conditions of qurbani are not met, your wajib is not fulfilled and it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure his or her qurbani is done correctly like making sure your Salah is read properly, or your hajj done properly or your zakat paid properly or any other wajibat of deen.


Please read upcoming article/post.


Allah ﷻ & His Rasool ﷺ know best.


Answered By: Shaykh Abu Yusha Yasin


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