We had the chance to review and eat at following Al Jumeirah Resturant with compliments of the owner Yousaf.

Location wise it is on the border of curry mile. One issue I see was parking but off street parking is their if you have a look around. From the outside the place looks nice and elegant. From inside they have gone for the Arab theme throughout the whole area.

One thing I noticed and respect is that this establishment is catered for Muslims and Non Muslims but without alcohol. They have facilities for you to do wudu and even pray your Salah. The establishment is kept clean throughout due to this which is a big bonus.

Food options are morrocon and Pakistani cuisines. Everything is made fresh from the starters to the main and even some of the desserts.

Cost wise it seems quite reasonable especially since the food is made fresh and the wait is longer because of that.

Wifi their wast which could have been helpful for myself but not major loss though

Welcoming waiters with many complimentary offers given right at the beginning which make you feel very welcome.
We were offered dates (that you eat!) when we placed our order. Then after that we were offered Mint Tea as well. The waiters did what they could do make sure we were looked after even after some point I yawned just due to tiredness I had a waiter come over to make sure I was fine and I had everything I needed.

The wait was quite long which was about 45mins but once you started to dig into the food and started to enjoy the freshness and flavours of the food you forgot about the wait and where your car was parked! At the end of the night we were stuffed as their was a lot of food which is a good sign as we really enjoyed it!

We had chance to sit with the Owner who was most welcoming as was his family. Amazing person as he was very open and honest about everything. The chicken they provide is from a local butcher is which is slaughtered in accordance with sharia regulation. Beef is imported from Australia which is of a very high quality and from a muslim run farm.

Overall an amazing establishment run by a knowledgable owner has clearly great love for food and is a practicing muslim who has made sure he can gives his customers the Morrocon experience without compromising his Deen by introducing alcohol. The owner has invited us back to his new venue which will be opening soon!

Please do like and pay them a visit! And give our Salam to them!


Report By: Shaykh Asif of Halal or Haram Team

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