Mission Statement - Our mission is to create an informed Muslim consumer on the journey towards Haqq, by benefiting from the Halal community.

Halal is not just about what eat, it’s what about you wear and about what you love!

Intro to Halal Or Haram

Halal or Haram was launched in Manchester but originates from Keighley in West Yorkshire, UK in 2012 as an initiative to help Muslims make the right dietary choice. It was inspired by the outcry of the Muslim community for guidance on permissible foods.

The horsemeat saga, and the news of Halal food containing traces of pork DNA at that time made it even more important for Muslims in the UK to know exactly what they were eating. Muslims need to know that all the ingredients they consume are in accordance to the Islamic law, from everyday necessities like bread, confectionary items and especially meats.

In addition to this website, Halal or Haram has been running an active Facebook group for two years, and also has active Twitter and Instagram accounts. The website and social media channels share detailed analyses of various food products, restaurants and takeaways, and scholarly explanations to foods and drinks. Halal or Haram also provide food facts and run regular consumer surveys on various topics. They have appeared in a feature in the Guardian and have also been interviewed by Yvonne Ridley on Spice FM. Halal or Haram also shares news, information & updates regarding current affairs and other Islamic matters.

On the launching of the website, Brother Asif Iqbal, founder of Halal or Haram said: “I started this initiative with my sisters a couple of years after seeing so much confusion around what is Halal and what is Haram. I’ve always been interested in researching, and what better to tie my skill to something that will not only help me, but the Muslim community. It all started with a Facebook group which has gone from strength to strength, and today we have over 250,000 Followers World Wide. The launch of the website will enable the Muslim community to find much needed information on various foods and drinks, including the basics to looking into additives that are always a mystery for the consumer, and best of all, this information will be available in very user friendly website that is also mobile compatible.”

Halal or Haram is a community interface based on not-for-profit principles. It is run by volunteers, in our spare time solely for the pleasure of Allah, who are dedicated to helping Muslims make the right choices according to Islamic requirements.

Affiliations- Halal or Haram is affiliated to the Short Islamic Courses & Sunnah Treatments

Our Team

Asif Iqbal CEO and Marketing and a Busy Bee!

Usman Khan IT Guru and perfectionist!

Imran– Content writer and IT support

Javid – Content creator

Amir – Marketing Support

Rahil Mumtaz-  Islamic Student and Teacher

Shabnam Abdollah - South African Meat lover and Admin Team

Jasmine Bartlett – American legal support

Our Services - Review of existing Halal products
- Answering Halal enquiries
- Dissemination of information to consumers via radio, print and electronic media; as well as social networks.
- Educating the public on Islamic dietary laws and practices
- Investigating Halal complaints or queries from both the consumer and industry

Our Offices - Halal Or Haram is based in Manchester and Keighley in UK.

We are currently establishing an associate office in Pretoria, South Africa.

Advertise - We have the Main Header and Side Bars where we offer advertising.  Minimum of 3 months and Maximum of 12 months. Get in contact us with to discuss!

"Key terms" - HALAL: This is an Arabic term which means permissible or lawful in Islam. In reference to food, it is the Islamic dietary standard, as prescribed in the Shari’ah (Islamic Law).

HARAM: This is an Arabic term which means impermissible or unlawful in Islam.

The Halal or Haram rulings are based on the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat sect of Islam and predominantly follow the Hanafi school of thought. The website does however include rulings from all the main four school of thoughts.

Halal or Haram Logo Use - The Halal or Haram Logo is a cognitive property and a registered Trade Mark whose rights have been owned by Halal or Haram Limited

The Halal or Haram Logo can only be used by prior contractual arrangements by:

Organisations which have contractually been accorded Halal Accreditation either for a product or the site or both; the Halal or Haram logo may be used on all communication tools of an organisation such as letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, marketing materials, videos, websites, advertising, exhibition graphics, electronic media and company vehicles only if the full range of products manufactured at all sites of the organisation have been contractually authenticated and validated for halal status by the Halal or Haram. Halal or Haram logo can only be depicted on the packaging of halal products approved by Halal or Haram if full product range has not been certified.
Third Party Certification Bodies and approved agencies either in the UK or abroad.
Media and advertising channels with expressed permission for such use.

FAQs about Halal or Haram Ltd

"Which Ulamah / Islamic bodies are represented on Halal or Haram?

Shaykh Bilal Brown – From Manchester

Shaykh Abu Yusha Yasin - The Shaykh accomplished a masters degree in pharmacy from The University of London, Kings College London. After commencing his career as a pharmacist he then went on to purchasing and running his own pharmacies, which he does currently.

He is amongst the first graduates of the Suyuti Institute and has also studied under the Grand Mufti of Pakistan, Shaykh Rafiq ul Hasani and the Grand Shaykh Ul Hadith Allamah Abun Nasar Manzoor Ahmed Rizvi, founder of the renknowned Jamia Faridia.

Shaykh Abu Yusha’s areas of teaching have principally been in Usool Hadith, Usool Tafsir and Tasawwuf as well as having also taught Islamic Law. He has a unique flare in delivering complicated concepts in a user friendly manner.

The Shaykh is fluent in three languages and has also lectured extensively to various audiences across the UK and on an International platform.

Mufti Rafiq Al Hasni -  coming soon ...

Mufti Ansar ul Qadri – coming soon …

Do any members of Halal or Haram receive financial remuneration? All members of Halal or Haram render their services on a voluntary, pro bono basis;
Some members of Halal or Haram have, in fact, contributed financially and may continue to contribute to the cause;
Members of Halal or Haram render their services in the interest of the broader community, without fear or favour.

Does we favour Muslim businesses over non-Muslim Businesses? No, Halal or Haram does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, colour or financial standing;
Halal or Haram evaluates the importance of any enquiry with respect to the needs of the Consumer as a whole. It does not operate to protect the narrow interests of a particular group or industry;
Halal or Haram is not financially beholden to any individual or organisation. It can therefore act truly independently of any pressure from groups having vested interests.

How does the Consumer benefit from Halal or Haram? Full information on Halal certified products / businesses;
Awareness of Halal /Haram issues;
Educating and informing the consumer on relevant issues.

How is Halal or Haram funded? This is completely funded by the helpers themselves and donations

What can me, as a consumer and/or organisation do to assist?

Support the activities of Halal or Haram;
Understand detail aspects of Halal and Haram;
Encourage other organisations to subscribe to Halal or Haram.

As an organisation, register with Halal or Haram and contribute constructively to the cause;
Pass on all information to as wide a circle as possible;

Finally, continuously support and pray for the success of Halal or Haram.


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